We are excited to reveal more details of this year’s Annual Meeting. The programme is coming together brilliantly, and the chosen venue in central England will provide another opportunity for coming together with colleagues, collaborators, new connections, and trade. 

The Annual Meetings represent an important opportunity for our community to come together to discuss the most up-to-date technological and interventional refinements to continue to drive innovative care and welfare for the animals used in research and importantly, the care of the professionals working in the Laboratory Animal field. It is an excellent avenue to get up-to-date with the latest 3Rs developments, including innovative non-animal alternatives. There is also a great opportunity to meet with the regulators and policy teams to engage with compliance practices and the development of new guidelines. 

This will be the first time where our newly named Sections will be presented, with the aim to expand LASA’s scope on facility managers and the broader laboratory professionals engaged with the innovative refinements on animal science and the 3RS.  

We have a great lineup of keynote speakers including Prof. Stuart Peirson, University of Oxford, talking about the importance of light in laboratory animal welfare and experimental settings, Dr. Kathryn Chapman, Babraham Research Campus, on leadership and entrepreneurism on animal science and the 3Rs and Prof. Karen Blyth, CRUK, Scotland Institute, on the impact of animal studies in discovery and translational cancer research. The programme is supported by a great representation of experts in the field of animal care, welfare and facility management, including farm animals and aquatics, on best practices for GA breeding and their use in research, ethics around the theme of animal sentience, and importantly, on innovative refinements on animals used in research and on the 3Rs. We are excited to celebrate the continued role of our members in openness and communication, engagement with regulatory and policy discussions and public engagement sessions with local college students. It is also great to see the training sessions for PEL holders to return to the Annual Meeting Programme. 

An important and very engaging part of the meeting is the presentations selected from an open call for innovative work addressing the Replacement, Reduction and Refinement principles led by the Innovation on Animal Science & 3Rs Section. This session is kindly supported by the NC3Rs providing bursaries for speakers to attend and present at the meeting. More information here.

Networking is critical to our community; join us to mix with hundreds of laboratory animal professionals, including instrumental representatives of industry and trade. There is a superb opportunity for younger researchers and animal technologists to engage and drive innovations in animal care, husbandry and welfare, and we encourage them to present a poster on any recent work or studies they are involved with. Remember that little ideas, particularly on animal care and husbandry, help to drive the best science and welfare support for the animals. More information here.

The programme includes Trade exhibition talks and Poster snippet presentations to maximise opportunities for interaction. 

Commercial trade and industry will be situated in the perfect space to spend quality time with your technical reps, both at the stand or reception.  

Registration is now open and we’re very much looking forward to seeing many of you there!