HOLTIF Meetings

The LASA HOTIF group continue their close work with ASRU and host small stakeholder group meetings to assist with feedback on the ASRU Change programme and other relevant matters.

The next virtual ½ day meetings are planned for:

Monday 13th June 2022 from 2.30 to 4.30pm (virtual)
Thursday 30th June 2022 from 2.00 to 4.30pm (virtual)

If you would like to attend any of the HOLTIF meetings or become a member of this network, please contact the LASA Secretariat on info@lasa.co.uk who will put you in touch with the Section Convenors for this group.

LASA returns to face-to-face meetings!


We are delighted to announce that after two challenging years, LASA will be holding its Annual Conference as a face-to-face meeting on the 22nd and 23rd November. Please save the dates!

As we learnt to live with the challenges associated with the COVID pandemic, and following feedback from our members, it is important for our community to return to in-person events, to be able to meet with old and new colleagues that we have not seen for long time!

Importantly, we also need to catch up with all the trade reps that have been so helpful and supportive throughout the pandemic. The strength of our LASA community relies on such a supportive, collaborative and welcoming approach. Needless to mention the extraordinary commitment from the Laboratory Animal community, thriving beyond all challenges to continue ensuring the best care and support for the animals in our care, so a big THANKS to the amazing animal technologists. Such ethos to provide best care of animals and colleagues, while supporting quality scientific discoveries has been instrumental to support all the great medical discoveries that have allowed our society to overcome the critical challenges of the COVID pandemic.

It is important that LASA continues to engage in organising face-to-face meetings as each is a unique opportunity to learn about new scientific developments in Laboratory Animal Science, their welfare and importantly, how our community continues to promote further development of the 3Rs. These meetings are also a unique opportunity to catch up with old and new colleagues, establishing new collaborations and very valuable, discover all the new technological developments from industry and trade.

Taking into consideration all the above mentioned, LASA is planning a two-day event, with a very engaging scientific, trade and social program, to promote a dynamic and participative meeting. Although a shorter Annual Conference than usual, the organisers felt that a two-day meeting would facilitate a good attendance and participation. The scientific program will be set up around the theme of Innovations & Technologies for Welfare and Research Excellence! (See brief outline below), including topics and state of the art lectures on Animal Care & Welfare, Discovery and Translational Science, Breeding and Husbandry, Training and Education, Innovations on 3Rs and discussions on Regulatory and Policy frameworks.

We are also looking forward to welcoming our trade and industry colleagues to continue strengthening our partnership, as a key axis of our community. Of course, the key strength of LASA relies on our members, thus our goal is to ensure a collegial and welcoming event for members to Connect –Engage – Explore – Learn – Collaborate and Lead with the LASA community.

Further details will be confirmed soon, but please save the dates. The new venue will be in Birmingham, close to major transport networks.

We are looking forward to seeing you in November!


Please visit the following events calendars for information on other meetings: