LASA Establishment Licence Holders’ Induction Training

A half-day workshop for new PELhs and those who are still within the ‘early stage’ of their role (e.g. <3 years) is scheduled for 20th November 2023. Expert speakers have confirmed their availability and it is anticipated that this workshop will have a high interactive element to enable networking between PELhs, which has proved to be beneficial to those who hold this responsibility. Feedback from previous ½ day training has also signalled that this is an excellent continuing professional development (CPD) opportunity to refresh the knowledge of those who have been establishment licence holders (ELHs) for some time.

Topics include:

  • Legal and ethical requirements related to the Animals (Scientific Procedures) Act 1986 (ASPA)
  • The role of the PELh and their responsibilities
  • Ensuring compliance
  • Good practices in leadership
  • Open forum discussion for sharing ideas on governance
  • Q&A opportunity