Dear Colleagues,

At last, we are relieved and delighted to report that, after months of negotiations, we have reached a legal settlement and have managed to secure varying amounts of the monies paid to the companies involved in hosting AST2020. Disappointingly, we could not recover 100% of the amount paid, despite pursuing as hard as we could. This was partly because of the complex set of circumstances.  

We are writing to let you know that we are now in a position to embark on the task of working out the pro rata payments, as per the terms of our contract with you.  This will be a complex process because of the variety of registration packages, but please be assured that we will treat this as a matter of urgency. 

We are truly grateful for your ongoing patience and can only iterate that we will endeavour to disburse the refunds to you as quickly as possible.

For and on behalf of AST2020,

Anne-Marie Farmer 
LASA President
 Linda Horan
 IAT CEO/Chair of Council