To advance scientific understanding and knowledge of the use, care and welfare of laboratory animals and promote refinement, reduction and replacement

The Laboratory Animal Science Association, LASA, was founded in 1963 by a consortium of industrial, university, ministry and research council representatives – a breadth of interest which is still typical of the LASA membership today. Laboratory animal science seeks to ensure the provision and best use of the most appropriate animal models – including derived materials such as organs, tissues and cellular components – for medical, veterinary and other scientific purposes.


LASA’s members have different specialities and interests which are not mutually exclusive. The LASA sections, collectively, span the breadth of the science:

Animal Science
Care and Welfare
Establishment Licence Holders Forum
Education, Training and Ethics
Home Office Liaison, Training and Information Forum (HOLTIF)



LASA has signed the Concordat on Openness on Animal Research to signal the Association’s support for the principles of openness and transparency. We encourage our members to consider how they can be more open about their work and take opportunities to engage with the public about the role of animals in science. Our policy on the use of animals in research aligns with our organisational aims and is endorsed by LASA members.