The Science of Animal Sentience: Refining experimental biology

5th July 2020 | Prague

Society for Experimental Biology, RSPCA and LASA

Animal sentience – the ability to experience positive and negative emotions – is a hot topic. Research in a variety of disciplines has contributed to the anatomical, neurobiological, physiological and behavioural evidence base for sentience in animals, but what are the practical implications of this knowledge, for both scientists and the wider public? This meeting will discuss the biological basis for ascribing sentience, assess the current evidence for sentience in different species and identify knowledge gaps. It will also explore approaches to refining experimental biology, for researchers who wish to use the latest thinking about animals’ experiences to improve their welfare during experiments.

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LASA Animal Science (Transgenics) Section Workshop 

The LASA Animal Science (Transgenics) Section are organising a two-day workshop on 22nd & 23rd June 2020 on Cryopreservation and IVF technology.

The first day will be seminar based with lectures on embryology of the mouse, metabolism of the preimplantation mouse embryo (and media) and an overview of cryobiology. The second day will form part of a technical forum with discussion focussing on innovations & tips for cryopreservation, shipping methods, assisted reproductive technology (ART), alternative uses for cryo & ART, vitrification techniques, refinements and ethical considerations for those working in this field.

There is the opportunity to register for one or both days of these workshops, for those staying for both days a social event, with opportunity to meet new people, is planned for the evening of the 22nd June.

For further information and to register contact