The online LASA annual conference will be spread over a total of 6 afternoons in mid/late November. Please save these November 2021 dates in your diaries!

The first draft of the provisional scientific programme is available to download here so that delegates get a taste of what to expect later this year, you will be able to see we have chosen a “looking beyond Coronavirus” theme for this year and we hope all the LASA Sections will be able to contribute their thoughts and ideas to the programme as it develops over the coming weeks and months. We anticipate that there will be something to interest everyone!

Topics include:

  • Culture of care within facilities, how this was affected during the pandemic and how it has been altered for the future.
  • The world of virtual teaching and training. What has worked well and how can this be further developed? Learning from educators’ experiences to teaching online, blended learning and social distancing challenges during the pandemic
  • Colony management moving forward from COVID
  • Let’s learn from our medical colleagues and intensive care medicine
  • Large animal models & vaccine development, including facility responses to the Covid-19 pandemic
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The LASA 3Rs section conveners are inviting submissions for spoken presentations on any aspect of the 3Rs (Replacement, Reduction and Refinement) to be given at the 2021 LASA virtual annual conference. We are particularly interested in hearing about techniques which have been utilized during the recent Covid-19 pandemic (e.g. contingency refinements/developments) and new 3Rs advances that are supported by scientific data but will consider other submissions. An abstract submission form can be found here and the closing date for submissions is 31st August 2021.

Our opening keynote speaker is confirmed and we are delighted that Dr Alexandra Spencer (Jenner Institute, University of Oxford) is able to join us to present “Preclinical insights into the development of the Oxford/AstraZeneca Covid-19 vaccine”. Dr Spencer will be sharing her knowledge and expertise by providing an overview of the preclinical side of the vaccine development, why NHP, ferret and mice studies were vital and showcasing how integral animal work was to getting this vaccine to the clinic (and licensed).

LASA is also very excited to announce that a Covid-19 specialist has agreed to present on her area of expertise. Professor Sharon Peacock, Professor of Public Health and Microbiology in the Department of Medicine, University of Cambridge; and Executive Director and Chair of the COVID-19 Genomics UK (COG-UK) consortium) will discuss “SARS-CoV-2 variants – past, present and future”. The COG-UK consortium has been created to deliver large-scale and rapid whole-genome virus sequencing to local NHS centres and the UK government. COG-UK is made up of an innovative partnership of NHS organisations, the 4 Public Health Agencies of the UK, the Wellcome Sanger Institute and over 12 academic partners providing sequencing and analysis capacity. The virus genome data is combined with clinical and epidemiological datasets to help to guide UK public health interventions and policies. The data enables researchers to identify and understand genetic changes that affect how easily the virus is passed on and the severity of the symptoms it causes. It will also help to target the development of treatments and vaccines and monitor their impact as they are introduced.

All presentations will be recorded and will be available for registrants to “watch on demand” for several months after the main event.  The virtual platform is very “interactive” so will allow for networking opportunities between delegates and Trade partners alike.

LASA is grateful that Envigo has confirmed their ongoing sponsorship (£500 first prize) for the scientific poster session this year – the format will be slightly different to adapt to the virtual environment and includes the option to record a short scientific “poster pitch” (5 minute duration) in MP4 format for delegates to view – there will also be an opportunity for live Q&A with poster presenters during the event if presenters wish to participate in this too. Download your poster submission form here.

The Animals in Science Education Trust (AS-ET) continue their generous support of the LASA 3Rs session and are sponsoring a first prize (£200) to the best 3Rs presenter during their online session on Thursday 18 November.

Please share details of this meeting widely within your networks by distributing a flyer about the event.

Registration will open soon online, with a special “early-bird” discounted registration price – watch this space for more details!