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Being an effective lay member of an AWERB

The RSPCA has produced a useful infographic to assist lay members of AWERBs fulfill their role. It can be found here. Please share this with the Chair of your AWERB and lay members as appropriate.

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Dear Colleagues, We would like to thank you again for your patience and understanding throughout this very drawn out and lengthy process.  We are now beginning the process of calculating the pro rata refunds to all those...

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The Forced Swim Test

LASA is pleased to announce the publication of a fact sheet on the Forced Swim Test (or Porsolt Swim Test). This has been jointly sponsored by LASA, Understanding Animal Research and the British Association for...

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Continuing Professional Development (CPD) is a prerequisite for many professional medical and scientific disciplines but less common for those involved in laboratory animal work.

Revision of Directive 86/609EEC requires that persons “are adequately educated, competent and continuously trained” (Article 23A). The scheme is available FREE to LASA members. Please contact the Secretariat for more information.