2016 meetings

12 May - Delivering an effective AWERB – Challenges and solutions

A forum for UK AWERB members organised by RSPCA, LASA, LAVA and IAT This meeting will provide a forum for Animal Welfare and Ethical Review Body (AWERB) members to discuss how they have made progress with respect to achieving all of the AWERB's tasks. It is open to all AWERB members including animal technologists, project licence holders, Named Persons, lay and independent members, so that they can compare experiences, discuss relevant topics and identify any training needs. The day will include talks, workshops, discussion sessions and the opportunity to share resources and good practice.
Delegate fee: £80 including lunch and refreshments

5 July - LASA/LSHTM Care and Welfare Meeting
A stitch in time!  Refinements in surgical techniques and update on asepsis for laboratory animals used as research models.

21 September - 3Rs section meeting
How are YOU doing – checking the welfare of animals used in research

Date tbc - HOLTIF – ASPeL for PPLS workshop



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