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LASA Annual Conference 2018

2018 proved to be an excellent annual meeting, with 446 delegates in attendance at our Birmingham venue. Delegates had opportunity to visit our Trade partners who had stands in the Exhibition Hall, LASA is thankful for their ongoing support and sponsorship at our events. This was the first year LASA organised a parallel session of Trade workshops, we hope to expand this more in future years. The scientific sessions covered a wide range of topical issues which provided “too much choice” for delegates to choose from at times. Topics discussed ranged from the 3Rs (Replacement, Reduction and Refinement), anaesthesia updates from LAVA, a “look on the large size” organised by the Large Animal Research Network, the expanding field of research into aging and the importance of elderly animal models, “Hand in Glove”: the inextricable link between good science and improved animal welfare and the Education, Training and Ethics committee of LASA tackled “Integrity” in the context of Laboratory Animal Science. Workshop formats were also very popular and diverse including discussion on The Zebrafish Health and Welfare Glossary, which is an initiative highlighting the vital contribution to the development of husbandry and welfare infrastructures that support the growth and diversification of uses of this important model organism. The Institute of Animal Technology organised a workshop focussing on the consideration of adverse effects, humane endpoints and animal welfare when drafting PPL...

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LASA Annual Conference November 2017

Attendance at the LASA Annual Conference 2017 was the highest ever.  This year we returned to Birmingham which has easy access for both exhibitors and delegates due to the excellent road and rail links. We are very grateful for the support shown to the meeting from ASRU with all their senior management team in attendance and a significant number of inspectors.  This was much appreciated by the delegates.  The scientific sessions covered a wide range of topical issues which provided something for everyone – topics discussed ranged from: GA animals to the role of vets – are they seen as interfering individuals or helpful heroes?, included topical 3Rs presentations, a session on “the only way is ethics” and a lively session on severity assessment.  Our key note presentation looked at the importance of non-human primates in research.  To complete the programme we held a series of workshops. We are very grateful to all our sponsors and exhibitors, and to our speakers, chairpersons and to everyone else for making the meeting such a...

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LARN Meeting: Opening the doors to large animal research in high containment

On Wednesday 24th May 2017, The Pirbright Institute will be hosting the 2017 LARN (Large Animal Research Network) Meeting. The meeting is open, and should be of interest, to all organisations who work with large animals in biomedical, veterinary and/or agricultural research and will run from 9:30AM to 4PM. The meeting is free to attend and is being sponsored by trade organisations, but spaces will be limited and allocated on a first come, first serve basis. If you are interested in attending the event, and/or would like further details, please register yourinterest by emailing...

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LASA Annual Conference November 2016

This year we had our second highest ever number of registrations, a London venue always helps and an interesting and stimulating scientific programme combined with an excellent trade exhibition ensured that we were able to provide something for everyone.  Our keynote speakers delivered excellent presentations on a range of subjects moving from cancer therapeutics, to new medicines for respiratory diseases and finally to enclosure enrichment for primates in captivity.  This year we invited our exhibitor colleagues to hold workshops on the first afternoon and were delighted that these were well attended and that the feedback, including comments from 12 triple science students who attended the event, was very...

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LASA are supporting the Janet Wood Innovation Award

LASA are helping with the promotion of this fantastic competition which is being run by The Datesand Group. Janet Wood was the cofounder of Datesand Ltd and the mother of current owner Jonathon. Janet sadly passed away in 2010 and in her memory, they decided to launch an annual innovation award. Datesand would like to invite animal technicians and industry professionals to design a product that will then be marketed and sold within the biomedical science industry. For more information and to download your application pack! Good...

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Continuing Professional Development (CPD) is a prerequisite for many professional medical and scientific disciplines but less common for those involved in laboratory animal work.

Revision of Directive 86/609EEC requires that persons “are adequately educated, competent and continuously trained” (Article 23A). The scheme is available FREE to LASA members. Please contact the Secretariat for more information.